Elegance and timeless style. Craftsmanship and haute couture. Selection of the best materials and 100% elaborated in Spain. 

Felipe Varela embodies all these values in exceptional creations characterized by a marked contemporary sensibility and based on the concept of hand-crafted luxury.

Since Felipe Varela founded the firm in 1996 in the city of Madrid, the brand becomes a reference for the most demanding women in the national and international scene.

Felipe Varela perfectly represents the best of Spanish production with its inimitable combination of elements such as tradition, perfect workmanship and contemporary elegance.

Currently, the brand commitment to excellence remains intact, and has enriched with an offer of splendid bags, shoes and fashion collections acclaimed by critics and different audiences.

Each of the pieces of Felipe Varela implies the value of quality, craftsmanship and the unique design throughout more than 20 years of history.